branded gifts

Create lasting connections with your customers by sending thoughtful, branded gifts.

No address needed

Collect data such as an address or t-shirt size by deploying a customized, secure form via email.

Digital experience

Design custom emails & webpages for each specific gifting experience or event.

Tracking updates

Receive live updates when the package is received so you can follow up at the right time.

Kit Creation

Easily Customize Contents

Create your own collection of items by starting new project. Customize everything from the items included to the design printed on the wrapping paper.

unlimited storage

Storage & Fulfillment

Store your kits with us and drop ship them out in any quantity, as often as needed, at no extra charge.

Shipping Discounts

Global Fulfillment

Ship anywhere in the world using our FedEx and UPS shipping discounts, or use your own shipper number.

global fulfillment

Add A Personal Touch

Customize each and every package with something like a handwritten message or custom gift wrap to create a personalized experience for the receiver.

“Consumers who are emotionally connected with a brand are anywhere from 25% to 100% more valuable in terms of revenue and profitability than those who are “merely” highly satisfied with it.”

Harvard Business Review. (2015).